Celebrating 2 Years of Peace Corps Service & What’s Next!

Two years ago to this day I arrived to Moldova curious as to what this new adventure would hold. Now that I am on the other side of these two years, I am grateful to be able to celebrate making it to this point! Hooray for 2 years of Peace Corps service!

At the airport in New York, June 2014 as we waited to check in for our first flight.
As for my next steps, I’m happy to share that I won’t be going too far any time soon as I will be extending my Peace Corps service in Moldova for a third year!


The funny thing is that during my pre-service training in 2014 I was nominated by the peers in my training group as “Most likely to extend.” I didn’t think much of it at the time but apparently they knew better than I did. Thanks COD crew, I’m gonna miss you!

I held onto the “Most likely to extend” picture my peers had made. As a side note, I also was given “Most likely to become a Country Director” as well. I guess we shall see how that one goes as I have no plans for becoming a CD at this point…

Instead of counting down the days, I have added around 395 days (13 months). By the time I complete my service in August 2017 I will have served with the Peace Corps for 40 months. Whoa.

At this point I am finishing 2-years of service in Balti until July. Then in August I will go home to Pennsylvania for 30 days. I will return to Moldova in September where I will start my 3rd year of service working with the new Tekwill IT Center of Excellence along with working with youth and entrepreneurs in a variety of technology programs, one of them being Technovation Challenge.

In addition to this, I have the opportunity to travel to San Francisco in July for a training as part of a new Master Educator program Technovation has launched this year.

I will be sharing more about this experience as well as how things come together over the next couple of months between taking home leave for 30 days and preparing for a 3rd year of service in Moldova. More to come soon!