Traveling the roads of Moldova

Is this a road or a small body of water? What do you think?


This is a road! I pass by this street almost every day. The first time I realized it was an actual road was when my host dad gave me a ride to work one day when it was raining. As he turned to go down this street, I began to exclaim “No, wait!” and he drove right through the deep muddy water. I was a bit stunned, I didn’t think cars drove down this road. (I wasn’t 100% sure it was even a road!) I’ve now seen many more vehicles trek through the muddy adventurous waters of this street.

That street isn’t the only one that looks like that. Talk about pot holes…


It certainly puts things into perspective, these streets are located the second largest city of Moldova. When it’s muddy and wet outside I am grateful if I can make it through to the end of the day with warm dry feet.

I share these things as I find them all interesting and different than what I have been used to. As people travel these roads they are a part of daily life here, and can be a challenge day in and day out for all who navigate them – whether it be by car, rutiera, or by foot. I’ve had the opportunity to travel some other roads, especially within the northern part of Moldova. Not all of them look like the above images.

Some roads look like a storybook adventure…

This road led to a farmers field we visited one day.

While other roads lead to adventures…

We traveled the back roads one day to Soroca from my host family’s village house.

You never know who you will meet along the way.


And eventually…


…wherever that may be. For me, it’s currently through the adventurous roads of Moldova.


To note: There are so many more roads that could be shared in this post, but I just gave a little taste of what I experience most days. For example, there is a new road that has been built by the Millennium Project as people like to call it the “American road” – check out this VIDEO to see more (it shares a lot more details in the video and gives the viewer a better overall view of driving the roads in Moldova).


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