{Photo Friday}: Turkish Coffee

Have you ever tried Turkish coffee? Not only is it served in a tiny beautiful ceramic teacup it brings a delicious flavorful coffee taste. I just returned from a quick 4 day trip in Istanbul, Turkey where I met a dear friend and her family for a quick visit. Such a fun-filled time visiting, sight-seeing, and trying new foods!


Tell me, where have you tasted the best coffee during your travels? Do you have a favorite?


{Photo Friday}: My Valentine’s Day 2016

This past Valentine’s day I found myself on a random quick trip to visit some exotic animals. This is where I met these ostriches. This wins the most random Valentine’s day ever. Who knew there were ostriches in Moldova?! I learn something new… everyday. I love this place.

The ostriches of Moldova. 

{Photo Friday}: Lights are out for the holidays

Around mid-December the center of Balti was all decked out with colorful lights, a stage, carnival rides, and cute little shops that sold sweets, hot wine, and toys for kids. Since we celebrate a number of holidays for about a month straight, they are still out this week since yesterday marked “Old New Year” from the Orthodox calendar.

December through January feels like one big celebration. “New” Christmas kicked off the celebrations on December 25, next was New Year’s on January 1, then another celebration on January 7, which is “old” Christmas, finally ending all these holiday celebrations on January 14 for “old” New Year (also St. Vasile Day).  It made this holiday season more festive with all these lights throughout the center of town.

The center of Balti during the holidays with all the festive lights.

{Photo Friday}: Coding Concentration

Last week I had the opportunity to facilitate an Hour of Code event in my community. After the success of Code Week, an instructor at the University wanted to keep doing things like this and asked if we could coordinate an Hour of Code event. I happily agreed as I love this kind of stuff and think it’s really important for anybody, but particularly youth to learn at least the basics of coding and how it works.

Last year I had done this at the local library here, but this year we organized it at a local school where other schools were invited to join. About 60 people (students and teachers) showed up! It was quite impressive!

Students working in teams on their laptops while going through the Hour of Code exercises. These groups were loving it!

{Photo Friday}: Golden Road

I took this image earlier today as we traveled back to Balti after a full day of being in 2 villages in the northern part of Moldova. It started out as a rather dark/dreary winter day but as the sun started setting, it cast a golden color along our drive back home.


{Photo Friday}: Puppies for Sale

One weekend when I was passing through the market I had to stop so I could see all the puppies that were for sale… and tried not to take one home with me. There are A LOT of stray dogs in Moldova, and seeing people selling them in the market kinda threw me off. Since I missed the last couple of weeks of “Photo Friday” I’ll share a few puppy photos from that day.



{Photo Friday}: Mosaic Windows

During travels with my family we ended our adventure in the city of Barcelona where one afternoon of our short visit we found ourselves exploring Park Güell. This park was originally created/designed by Gaudi and as someone like myself who loves mosaics I found it quite fascinating and enjoyed my time here.

So many mosaic pieces can be found all throughout Park Güell. I took many photographs and found this one to be one of my favorites.