Meet Livia: “I learned that no matter who you are…you can still make an impact.”

1. What was your most favorite part(s) about your participation in the Technovation World Pitch Summit?The best part of it was of course the people, especially the girls like us that came to this summit to show their solutions for the problems they face in their communities. Having the opportunity to meet girls younger than me that already achieved so much, motivated me to continue to persevere in all the aspects of my life.


2. What did you think of San Francisco?

San Francisco is an amazing city and having the opportunity to combine the participation in Technovation Summit with sightseeing was incredible.


a) What was your favorite part of the city?

Well, several things that made me love San Francisco were the hills and how they combined perfectly with the architecture of the city making it from this point of view unique. The second thing I admired was the Golden Gate Park, considered a huge natural reservation it manages to create a perfect balance between new and old, West and East in such way being considered one of the most beautiful parks in the world. And the last but not the least is the ocean, even if the weather wasn’t one of the best we still had a great time collecting shells and making pictures.


3. What did you learn from this experience?

I learned that no matter who you are, teenager or senior, woman or man, a person with experience or not you can still make an impact. All you need to do for this is to have a little self-confidence and a lot of dedication, and by this I mean I a lot of hard work.


4. What is something you will take from this experience for your future?

One big lesson I’ve learned is to stay open to new possibilities and opportunities, and when sometimes it seems like all the doors are closed, for sure somewhere there is a window. This lesson I plan to apply in my future and of course in the development of our application.


5. Now what?

Now, as we received some feedback on our idea at the summit, we plan to implement some changes in the app, as well as in the business plan. Our aim in doing this is to make our social business as suitable as possible for our country and also or enlarging our market.

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