Happy hram day, Balti!

This past weekend on May 22, the city of Balti celebrated hram and 595 years! Hram translates to “day of the city” and according to Moldova Holiday, “Every city, town, and village in Moldova has a hram day, honoring the patron saint of the locality. By tradition, on hram days family, friends, and guests are invited to festive dinners where guests also enjoy traditional Moldovan folk dancing.”

Since Balti is the second largest city, this means a lot of people come to the city and take part in the various festivities throughout the day. Although I missed the morning ceremony with the Orthodox priests, I did make it in time for the parade. Not only did I get to watch the parade, I participated in it along with a group of students from the “Salut, Balti” community volunteer group.

Some of the students who walked with Salut, Balti in the parade.
Walking with the students in the parade through the center of Balti.

The day was celebrated in the city center with various groups performing music and dancing…

Musicians performing in traditional dress.

Interesting characters roaming the streets…

Tall Moldovan characters with storks walking around the city. 

…there was even a hot air balloon for a short period of time…

Many people observed as the hot air balloon was assembled and then shortly after that, deflated and taken away. 

… and then an evening concert complete with fireworks later in the night!


La multi ani, Balti! Happy 595 years!

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