Part 2: Visiting Balti, Moldova in “Adventuring with friends…”

This is the second part of a short series from a recent trip to Moldova my friends from PA made. Since many friends and family from home would love the opportunity to do the same, I’m sharing our adventures with you so you can experience it as well. So pack your bags, your coming to Moldova (without leaving home)! Drum bun (have a good road)!

After 2 days in the village, you make your way back to your friends apartment in the second largest city in Moldova. She lives there with her host family.

You get a little glimpse of what it’s like to live in a small space with people who speak a different language and have a different culture. You get a big taste of all the foods and strong homemade beverages.

A meal that was prepared for all of us to have together – mamaliga! (however, the actual mamaliga is not pictured)

You take a tour of the city and see all the sights there is to see…

You visit your friends primary partner organization where they give you cookies and tea, practice their English with you and share ideas about community development.

The office entryway where Sara works


You visit a new store that sells local handmade goods by disabled individuals and children from a social center in the community.

A new store along the main road that sells handmade items made by people with disabilities

There are new-to-you pastries of various shapes, sizes, and flavors that intrigue your taste buds that you share with your friends…

Sharing some new pastries for an afternoon snack

You discover how overwhelming the local indoor/outdoor market can be. Anything can be found from fresh locally grown foods to second hand clothing.

Just one little part of the market, known as the piata. This area of the market is selling all second-hand clothing.

You meet one of the girls your friend regularly meets with to practice her English conversation… and of course taking a selfie is necessary.

Selfie with Valeria. She got to practice her English with more than one person this time.

You visit supermarkets and little neighborhood stores called magazines. You listen to your friend speak Romanian even with people who speak Russian as you try to comprehend what’s going on around you. Things seem random and yet normal all at the same time.

Next stop: Chisinau, the capital city! Stay tuned for more adventures in Moldova as you explore the capital city, visit an underground wine cellar and one of Moldova’s most popular places to visit… part 3 coming soon!

Photos by: Hannah Ingram
(which are so fun to see since they’re through a new set of eyes and new perspective!)

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