Recharging in Prague


Recently I made a quick last minute decision to travel for a few days to use up some remaining vacation days.  A fellow volunteer friend and I decided to go to Prague and before we knew it we were there before we could plan accordingly. It ended up being more of a recharging and chill trip than it was on adventurous side. Which was exactly what we both apparently needed.
The Charles Bridge with the Prague Castle behind it. Stunningly beautiful at night — photos don’t do it justice. 
We enjoyed the simple conveniences to being able to sleep in comfortable beds, flushing toilet paper, fitted sheets, and eating when and what we desired.
I think we ate more of these tasty cinnamon sugar bread rolls than the number of days we were there… add chocolate or nutella to the middle of them – yum!
Thankfully we got our exercise in with all the walking and exploring we did, especially since Prague is the #1 consumer of beer and we were able to taste the various reasons why. (Many of the places made me think of friends from home who make their own beer – guys, you know who you are, you should visit Prague if you haven’t done so already!) Plus we tasted new foods I had only heard of like goulash…
I enjoyed the architecture which is incredible and rich in history. On our first day we took a free walking tour for 2 hours to get an idea of what the beautiful city holds. We were not disappointed, our hilarious tour guide shared the deep history and helpful tips for our visit.

One of the more popular attractions is the Astronomical Clock which was installed in the 1400’s.  On the hour, crowds gather as the clock rings and the apostles appear in the windows and the rooster flaps its wings while crowing. When you think about how this clock was built and was animated like this in the 1400’s it’s pretty amazing.

One day we adventured our way around the city in order to find some statues/art by Czech sculptor David Cerny. After seeing some posts about some of his work found all throughout Prague we set out with a list to see which ones we could find. Unfortunately, we discovered about half of them were either gone or too hard to find. Along our journey we also found some other sculptures by other artists as well.

It was a relaxing time and Prague has a lot to explore and find as you wander through the various streets and alleys. Like this narrow passage way complete with crossing signal.


What trip to Prague would be complete without a visit to the John Lennon wall? It was even fun to check back in a day and see what had changed on the wall since then.


Other random explorations included a ride on the historic trolley #91 through various parts of Prague…


…a visit to the Jewish cemetary,  an entertaining black light theater show, and a walk along the Charles bridge at night.

Overall, it was a fun and recharging trip to see and explore a new place and learn new things! Even though the weather wasn’t pleasant when we visited, I’d definitely visit in the future and would stay here again, where it was quiet and away from the busy-touristy-noise.

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