Farewell to February & March

Time flies when you’re having fun. February and March flew by quickly. I’m still wondering what happened to winter but am grateful for the change to blue skies.

In February I hung out with some amazing youth as we worked on various projects.

I went on a random adventure and visited an exotic farm on Valentine’s day with my friend and her family… and we got to meet some moody, muddy ostriches. (Who knew there were ostriches in Moldova?!)

The ostriches of Moldova. 

Along with a local teacher we hosted a location to take part in the “Write On Competition” at a local school. It was optional to take part in this creative writing competition, as you can see in the photo all girls showed up for this opportunity.

The students practicing their creative writing skills during the write on competition. 

Also, in February I made a quick trip to Istanbul, Turkey to visit my friend Shelby as she was meeting all of her family there for a family vacay. How could I pass up the opportunity to see her when she was a 1-hour flight away?! It was so fun to see her and get to meet her family and to explore Istanbul together.

With Shelby as the Blue Mosque sits behind us. 

Then before I knew it, March quickly approached and signs of spring were appearing everywhere along with gifts of martisor. Early on in March a few of us volunteers made the quick trip to fellow volunteer’s village that is right outside of our city to make bread and placinta for the day. We had a wonderful time getting to know her community and her amazing partner teacher she works with as they showed us how to make these delicious filled pastries using a brick oven in her home.

Between February 28 – March 5 we celebrated Peace Corps week. A few of us volunteers in Balti met with a number of students from the local University and talked about our experiences as volunteers. It was fun to meet them all and hear their questions. My favorite question one of the students asked was “If you could describe your experience in one word, what would it be?” My response (which I never did get to share with the group) would be “Adventura!”. Every day holds some sort of random grand adventure.


We celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8, while each week I met with two different teams of girls in Balti who are preparing their projects for Technovation Challenge.

Girls from one of the teams in Balti working on their project. 

It’s been an amazing journey over these past 22 months (!) and sometimes I still can’t believe this is my reality. Over 2 years ago I had made the “Peace Corps leap”and decided to leave my comforts of “home”, my friends, my family, and a job I enjoyed so that I could do something that challenges me daily. But… if you haven’t noticed through my blog writings… I love it. Peace Corps’ slogan of “The toughest job you’ll ever love” is so true.

Celebrating Leap Day on February 29 with some awesome local youth.

Welcome to the little corner of my life where I get to hang out with amazing youth and teach them how to jump for photos, visit exotic farms to see ostriches, and travel to new places to meet friends from home. Each day I am grateful for the new day and the adventures that each one unfolds.


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