Thank You! Mulțumesc mult!

I had previously shared last summer about a project I was working with my primary organization on in two rural villages in the northern part of Moldova. I am happy to share that this project has been successfully completed many thanks to a Let Girls Learn grant, local contributions both financial and in-kind, and many generous people from home.


Fourteen 3-part beds making a total of 42 beds were purchased and delivered to two rural kindergartens in the northern part of Moldova. In addition to the beds, chairs were also purchased for these rural kindergartens with the remaining funds. As a result of this project, a wonderful local person saw the needs of these kindergartens within these communities and is personally working on purchasing tables for the kindergartens as well. By acquiring this furniture for these kindergartens, this not only impacts the early-education and care for young children ages 2-7 but also the families as well. By providing furniture this helps to keep the doors open for these local community kindergartens and allows families to send their children here during the day. This provides an opportunity for the family members to work during that time, especially for the mothers. In addition to this, the kindergartens are now able to have more children attend since they have the resources to support and care for more children and provide an early start to their education.


Also as a result of this project, mothers and grandmothers had the opportunity to discuss with the local village doctor and among themselves on ways to keep their children healthy and in kindergarten, especially during the winter months. An activity was also coordinated and facilitated by a local woman who works in the IT-professional field in Moldova. This activity focused on gender-equality and involved both mothers and children from the kindergarten.


The school director, teachers, children, and their families are all very happy with the outcome of this project. They are now able to attend a full day of kindergarten, nap comfortably in a warm bed, and there is no need to fight over the limited number of chairs anymore. Thank you on behalf of these two communities for making this a possibility in Moldova!


Enjoy a little video of some follow up interviews that had been done after the project was completed.


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