“Volunteers are special people. They are like books.”

Meet Valeria. She’s 16 and attends a local high school here in Balti where her favorite subject in school is Romanian literature. I met Valeria through Facebook; she messaged me one day asking to meet so she could practice speaking English. We get together when we can, which lately has been very seldom. I have been impressed with Valeria’s drive and passion for her studies and goals in life. Take a moment and get to know one of the youth I have gotten to know during my short time here in Moldova.


Tell us a bit about yourself…
I am a perseverant person, who fights for her goals. I am creative and I like dancing, music and literature. I want to study foreign languages, because it can give me the opportunity to discover this world and to develop my experience in communication and human relationships.

What do you like to do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies?
Now, I have not so much free time. In my free time, I prefer to practice sport and to watch different documentary movies. My hobby is fitness. I practiced dancing and singing last year, but now I do not have this possibility, because I am involved in Access Program, a Leadership Program and Technovation Challenge.

Tell us about the first time you met a Peace Corps volunteer…
When I had the first meeting with Sara, I was impressed by her receptivity and friendly attitude. Sincerely, I expected a meeting with a friendly person, but Sara was really lightful and very sociable with me. I had many problems with my English, but Sara tried to talk with me in Romanian and this act encouraged me.

Has your perspective on volunteering changed?
I think that, volunteering is a great opportunity to change life in a great way. It has a beneficial effect for society and for personal development.

How have Peace Corps volunteers impacted your life?
Peace Corps volunteers are some people, who will help you every time and who work to develop our society. Personally, volunteers are special people. They are like books. They inspire, encourage and help to improve yourself. Also, they are very interesting. Every volunteer has his experience and his life rules and they share his experience with us. I am thankful for every volunteer, because everybody gave me a bit of confidence, wisdom and made me to believe in my personal realizations.

What are some of your hopes for your future?
Now, I have a big dream concerning to my future job and I want to achieve this one. I will work very hard to be an example and a real personality.


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