Happy International Women’s Day!

At this point in time here in Moldova it seems like there is a celebration around every corner. Today was no exception. Today, March 8th marks International Women’s Day around the world and it is widely celebrated here. Many businesses were closed and people had the day off from work.

I had the opportunity to help my host mom in the kitchen in the morning while learning how to make some traditional mayonnaise covered salads. For lunch, I met up with some other volunteers in the city center to catch up and to celebrate the day. After that, I journeyed home to help with the final preparations for the evening meal celebrating Women’s Day.

Our masa (meal) before the main dishes were set on the table and before we sat down to eat. Note the salads on the table, I helped make them! I didn’t manage to take many photos as I had hoped.

On this day, women are celebrated well – usually men, children, or friends give gifts of flowers, candy, scarves or slippers. My host dad gave us ladies in our home each a flower and my host mom gave me a flower vase to put it in.

The tulip in the vase sitting in my windowsill. 

After dinner, I went for a walk with my friend Ana for a little adventure through the city center to get out for some fresh air and to walk off all the food I had filled myself with this evening. She is so sweet as she gave me a handmade bouquet of flowers with some delicious chocolates tucked in with them!

The boquet of flowers Ana made for me tucked in a cute heart-shaped box along with some delicious chocolates.

That pretty much sums up my day, celebrating and being celebrated on this special occasion. Simple, but yet full of many of the people who have been part of my life here over the past 20-some months. Which, if you know me well you know that it fills me up when I get to spend quality time with people I love. It was a good day. 🙂

Wishing all you beautiful ladies near and far a Happy Women’s Day! May you know how much you are loved! xoxo


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