My 3 favorite (& funny) phrases in Romanian

7 thoughts on “My 3 favorite (& funny) phrases in Romanian”

  1. Awww, these are cute! I “created” a similar one for I’m full – when I’m done eating but there’s still food left (aka almost every time) I say, o sa explodez!! So now if I even look like I might be done, my host mom will say, you afraid you’re going to explode? Hehe.


  2. The Romanian word “pui” does not refer simply to chickens. It is used for the young of many animals, meaning “little one” , for example: pui de leu- lion cub or little lion; “pui de elefant”- little elephant, etc. It follows that in the expression “un pui de somn” it simply means “a little nap” and not a full size one- there is no reference to chickens.


  3. Love this post, of course! I’ve found they have quite an inventive phrase for taking a nap here in Nicaragua, too. It’s “echar un pelón” which more or less literally translates into “throw a bald man”. It’s so great 🙂


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