The price is… what?

Let’s play a little guessing game. Below are a dozen photos of some random items from here in Moldova. Can you guess how much it costs in USD (approximately)? Let’s see how many you get correct. To find out the answer, either click on the photo or hover over it to see how much it costs.

Right now $1 USD is equivalent to around 20 Moldovan lei. (please note the prices below are rough estimates as it depends on where you go to find these prices…)

How well did you do? What surprised you? Share it in the comments below!

A lot of these prices may seem pretty low to you if you live in the US, but keep in mind that people are paid around $200 a month (average salary) and as Peace Corps volunteers we are not paid a salary, but are given a living stipend. Since I live with a host family, most of my stipend goes to them for housing, utilities, food, etc… I have a small remaining amount that I use toward travel within Moldova (ex: to the capital city, Chisinau when needed) and personal toiletry items.


5 Replies to “The price is… what?”

  1. 20 years ago, my rule of thumb as a student/volunteer was that everything imported/with a foreign brand was expensive, and the rest wasn’t. Seem like it still works: coca cola, coffee, candy bars vs. bread, moldovan wine, romanian water, placinta…


    1. Yes, so true. Something I hadn’t noted is at how rarely do I see my host family purchase things like a Snickers bar (one time), Coca-Cola, or Nestea and they don’t really like peanut butter….


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