December Diaries

I’m a little behind on sharing from my last December as a PCV in Moldova. Better late than never, right? Here’s the wrap-up from this past December… so many good memories!

I celebrated my 33rd birthday! I had shared about it earlier, it was full of surprises and quiet celebrations.

Having tea and cake with a group of students and volunteers who showed up to surprise me for my birthday.

Around 60+ students and teachers showed up to the Hour of Code that we hosted at a local school. It was quite impressive and I hope that they’ll all continue to learn and challenge themselves to try coding or learn new tech skills.

Group photo will all the students and teachers who attended Hour of Code in Balti!

My primary organization and I continued to work on the project to help two kindergartens with keeping their doors open by adding new furniture and coordinating activities with them. We had implemented one of the activities in December in two communities about gender-equality with about 23+ kindergartners. I’ll share more once the project is completely finished within the next month.

An amazing contact came from Chisinau to implement the activities on gender equality with the kids. Here she’s talking about what kinds of things girls and boys can do the same, like wash the dishes and play sports.

I also had the opportunity to have a little Christmas fun by participating in a “fun-run”. A number of us volunteers dressed up as reindeer, complete with Rudolph and Santa. We tied ourselves together as we ran pranced through the streets of Chisinau. This run also had “gifts” they gave every couple of feet as you ran through the course, hence the reason everyone is carrying boxes.

Our team at the finish line, complete with covrigi (they’re kinda like a cross between a bagel and a pretzel) medals and all our fun run gifts in the FedEx boxes.

Since it was the holiday season, the center of town was all lit up complete with carnival rides, a stage, a large Christmas tree, food booths, and ice skating.

The center of Balti this holiday season.

Then, two days after Christmas we were able to have a picnic outside while we made a quick afternoon visit to the village house with some special guests who were visiting for the holidays. This is not a norm in Moldova in the winter.

A picnic outside complete with a bbq, house wine, and sunglasses.

Also, this past December I participated for the 3rd year in a row in the #dressember campaign along with a wonderful group of ladies here in Moldova as well as all over the world. There was a team from Moldova again raising awareness about issues of human trafficking and funds for IJM and A21 and the work they do to help with this issue.

With Catia one day during dressember. Happy New Year!

And so… 2015 is complete. A full year of service with the Peace Corps. It went by quickly and so full of amazing memories, ideas, projects, friendships, and life. I am so grateful for this time to be here and serving alongside so many others who are here, and also those who have been here before me and those who have yet to come. La multi ani!


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