Challenge Accepted 

Happy New Year! Farewell 2015… it’s been grand, but 2016 is looking pretty epic already. As I write this, I am hanging out in an apartment in the heart of Florence, Italy with 2 friends as we spend the holiday traveling together. We rang in the New Year overlooking the grand canal in Venice as fireworks painted the evening sky. 
I’ll share more later about our travels, but in the meantime, I’m starting out the New Year with a blog challenge. Thanks to Michelle and Jedd from Blogging Abroad who are returned Peace Corps volunteers, who initiated this challenge for bloggers living and working abroad. I joined this challenge in hopes to get out of the “writing-rut” I feel like I have been in for a little while, especially as I wrap up the last 6-7 months of service as a Peace Corps volunteer in Moldova. 

I’ll be sharing more soon as I accept the challenges from Blogging Abroad in the next 2 months. Stay tuned!

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