From Moldova with Love, Merry Christmas

In Moldova ’tis the season for cold weather, bundled layers, hot mulled wine, tables of food, children’s concerts at school, and bright lights in the city centers.



Although it is my second year celebrating Christmas away from family and friends from home, it feels different for me this year. It’s not the abnormal warm weather we’re having, nor is it the over abundance of holiday lights in the city center in Balti. This Christmas I deeply miss my family and friends from home more than ever.

Last night we went for a little walk through the city center to enjoy the lights and festivities.

This Christmas, I send my love to those near and far. I wish I could be there with those of you who are far away. I would love to savor the simple moments of laughter, enjoying cups of tea or hot chocolate around a fireplace, creating new memories and sharing in new adventures. However, I have enjoyed being without the stressors that the holiday season tends to bring and am thankful to have had more time to take in the real reason, the heart of Christmas. My hope for you (family, friends, PCVs/RPCVs, neighbors, acquaintances, blog-followers) is that this holiday season you will hold your loved ones tighter, tell them you love them, spend time with them (without a cell phone screen); throw out the stress/anxieties/stuff that takes up valuable time/energy that could be best used for those who matter most. It’s worth it.


From Moldova, with Love. xoxo ~sara

4 Replies to “From Moldova with Love, Merry Christmas”

  1. Drew says he understands how you feel. When he was in Iraq and far away from home, it was the simple things that you missed. You could understand more clearly what Christmas and everyday should be all about. We’re thinking of you! God bless you! Merry Christmas!


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