A Rewind of October & November

A few people had told me the second year of your Peace Corps service goes faster than the first. They were right.

This is going to be a really super-quick rewind from what October & November looked like for me in this second year as a PCV.

In October my partner organization and I got some things started on the Let Girls Learn grant project we are working on together. We ordered the beds for 2 kindergartens and we also held the first health discussion for the families of one of the communities.

Mothers and grandmothers gathered at together for a discussion about keeping their children healthy while attending kindergarten. It was very cold in the kindergarten, hence the reason so many are bundled up.

Also, in October I helped coordinate “Europe Code Week” in Balti at the University. We had somewhere around 75 kids come to these sessions throughout the week to the various topics from HTML, CSS, AngularJS, OLE Technolgoy, and Git! It was a success and I was encouraged by the students enthusiasm and desire to learn more.

Students learning about HTML during Europe Code Week in Balti, Moldova.

Then, in the final weeks of October, my mom and brother came to visit me for a few days where they experienced my life as a PCV and met some of the wonderful people I have gotten to know here so far. After their visit in Moldova we did some traveling and explored new parts of the world together.

With my host sister, Zina as we waited for my mom and brother at the airport.

As soon as I got back to Moldova after my travels I made an immediate stop to visit some of the inspiring girls from the “Girls Go IT” camp. They were having a follow-up conference to continue to work on their projects and review their process. I was grateful that I was able to jump-in on the last day.

As for November… it was a blur. Some highlights include hanging out with youth to practice their English, the weekly-tech club we started at a local school, and celebrating Thanksgiving with some PCVs and local friends. I’ll just share the month of November in photo-form. Poftim!


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