Traveling Adventures in Europe with Family

My mom and brother visited me in Moldova a few weeks ago. After an amazing time together in Moldova we embarked on an adventure that I don’t think we’ll ever forget. This was our first time traveling internationally together as a family (minus my father who was unable to make it).

I met my mom and brother at the airport — it had been about a year and a half since we last saw one another.

My mom made all the plans where we started out in Venice, Italy for a day and a half. We wandered the streets, got lost a few times, tried some new tasty Italian foods, toured the city by water bus, and visited some fun sites. I’m looking forward to going back and exploring this city a little more again soon.

The view of St. Marks Square at sunrise. How many sites can you name in this photo?

After our adventure in Venice, we boarded a cruise for some quality family time at sea. Sunrises and sunsets from the balcony, playing shuffleboard with new friends, reading and relaxing in the open sea air, and enjoying the random activities and entertainment provided. It was a fun time.  

Our first stop for a day-trip was on the island of Malta where we did a quick excursion of seeing the “best of” all things Malta. I had been there previously last winter, where I had fallen in love with the sea and was eager to visit again since I enjoyed it so much. I’m glad that my mom and brother at least got a chance to see and experience it since I raved so much about it last Christmas.

Our next stop took us to the island of Palma Mallorca for a quick tour around the center city and a few historic sites.

The next day we ended our cruise along the Mediterranean sea in Barcelona where we spent a day and a half and soaked up the last of our adventures in Europe together.

We checked out a few of the popular sites of Barcelona and on the last day we participated in a fun cooking class where we learned how to make an authentic 4-course Spanish meal. It was complete with a visit to the famous Boqueria market where we went with the chef to pick up fresh ingredients and sample some delicacies of the area. This last part was my most favorite part of the trip — quality time with my mom and brother in a fun, creative, and tasty atmosphere!

At the Boqueria Market with the chef before the cooking class…

Lots of laughs during the cooking class! Not sure if this is before or after all the tears from mom cutting up the onions…

After our time together I made my way back home to Moldova while my mom and brother made their way back home to PA. I realized on this return flight at how normal it felt for me to travel back to Moldova and didn’t think twice of referring to it as ‘home’.

Flying home from Barcelona.

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  1. It’s apparent you all had a fabulous time together and made so many wonderful memories. I knew you were in scarf heaven as soon as I saw the photo! LOL! Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe!

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