What kind of fun happened in August & September?

As I try to keep a monthly recap from my time in Moldova as a Peace Corps Volunteer, I looked back at August & September and realized what a blur it was. A full two months of fun adventures, new experiences, lots of laughter, but not without tears.

In August I shared about my friend’s visit to Moldova but as I look back now and reminisce, I am so grateful for the opportunity to have had a friend visit me here. There’s something about being able to share the tastes, smells, sounds, friendships, and daily life with someone from home — a little glimpse of understanding of the life I’ve come to know and embrace over the past year. It was a sweet gift and I am so thankful for the opportunity to share daily-life adventures and laughter together during her visit.

Then for the last two weeks of August, I traveled to a nearby village to help with a summer IT camp for girls along with 5 other Peace Corps volunteers, and a number of trainers and organizers. It was both an incredibly challenging and rewarding two weeks — where I met some amazing talented young ladies and also bonded with fellow PCVs over trying to understand our role as volunteers at this new camp.

I will be honest in sharing that once September rolled around, I found myself exhausted, burned out, and in the middle of what Peace Corps calls the “mid-service crisis”. Peace Corps tells you about this during training. The mid-service crisis is known to come around right in the middle of one’s service where you may find yourself at a low-point and questioning your decisions asking things like…

“Can I do this again for one more year?… How is this the halfway point already?! … What am I doing?… What work have I done?… What will I do this second year?… There’s not enough time left!… What am I going to do after Peace Corps?…”

I am grateful that I was not alone in this and felt supported, understood, and encouraged by some amazing friends during that dreadful “mid-service crisis”. One thing is for sure, it was a great reminder to me that you can’t have the happy “this-is-amazing” moments without the low “what-am-I-doing” points in life.  After a busy summer full of helping with trainings, implementing new ideas and projects, saying goodbyes to the departing PCV group and hello’s to the incoming trainee group, I am grateful that season has passed. But that means we’re a little more closer to our end of service next summer. (Ack!!)

In other news, in September there was a big celebration for my host nephew in honor of his baptism. As part of tradition in the Orthodox church, a baby is baptized on a date decided between the family and the priest, not during a church service. This ceremony is called a botez and it involves deep traditions and rich cultural ceremonial practices within the Orthodox religion. After the botez (baptism), there is a big celebration involving copious amounts of food and drink, too many photos taken, lots of gifts given, and endless dancing the hora (dancing in circles). This momentous event for the baptism of the child is called a cumatrie, which would best be translated to “big celebratory party”.  The cutest and best dressed little one we celebrated that day enjoyed all the attention and dancing into the wee hours of the evening. I’m pretty sure he outlasted me!

Also, in September I helped my host family at their village house with the fall harvest. From beating the seeds out of the sunflowers to collecting corn in the fields I learned a lot about how much work it takes to keep things going in the village. For example, we collected the corn from the field by hand for the pigs to have food for the winter… but sadly, with the little amount of rain we had this year the corn was about waist-high and there wasn’t much corn to collect. My host dad told me that last year they collected 3 wagon loads of corn and this year we didn’t even fill the bottom of the wagon.

Also, the month of September was spent trying to catch up and meet up with some amazing youth I have had the privilege of getting to know either recently or over the past year. These girls inspire me and I am so encouraged by their passion for learning and willingness to try new experiences.

Then lastly, I spent two days in the capital, Chisinau for a conference that brought two of our programs together for some collaboration and sharing — perfect for the Small Enterprise Development (SED) and Community & Organization Development (COD) volunteers. Even though this conference was held on the first two days of October, I’m throwing it in as part of the fun from September. I got to spend some much-needed quality time with some lovely friends during this conference… so much-needed that we didn’t get a single photo together — hooray for living in the moment. 🙂

SED-COD 2015 Group
These are just some of the COD & SED volunteers that were left by the end of the conference to take a group photo. And of course you can’t forget our new mascot, Mihai the hedgehog in the front. #MihaiInMoldova Photo by: Mark Gilchrist

As October has already shown that it’s rapidly speeding its way toward the end of the year, I am looking forward to all that is ahead within the next couple of weeks. Coming up soon: a visit from my mom and brother, beginning a communications club at a local school, introducing more code workshops during Europe Code Week, and kicking off Technovation Challenge Moldova for 2016. Here’s to a great toamna (fall) ahead!

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