Answering my own questions…

A few weeks ago I shared about being nominated for the Liebster Award and in turn nominated a number of other Peace Corps Volunteers. Part of this award is that you answer 10 questions that are given by the nominator and then also come up with 10 questions for those you nominate to answer on their blog… and the cycle continues.

Since then, I’ve had some requests to answer those same questions… so, poftim!

IMG_8078[1]1. How many different countries have you traveled to and where?
In total 10. Within this past year of being in Peace Corps I have visited 6 new countries. I’ve traveled to Malta, Turkey, Romania, Switzerland, France, and you can’t forget Moldova. Before Peace Corps I had visited Canada, Aruba, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and Rwanda.

2. What food item do you miss the most?
Hands down, I miss the BBQ Chicken Pizza from Home Delivery Pizza pub in State College, PA. There’s no way to replicate that pizza here.

3. Favorite book (or article) you have read so far since being a PCV?
I randomly picked up The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway one day when I was visiting the American Corner. It took me a little bit of time to get used to it but found by the end of the book I had enjoyed it and the change of style of writing I usually pick up to read.

4. Favorite item you are glad you brought with you?
Hmm… this was a tough question. I’m glad I brought the game, UNO with me. I taught my host sisters during training how to play it as well as my host sister in Balti. The game has come in handy for hangouts with the neighborhood kids and various events as well. I’ve learned how to explain the rules in Romanian too, so that’s a plus.

5. What is your favorite thing about the country you serve in?
My host families. I have 2 wonderful host families here in Moldova, one from during training and one that I still currently live with. I feel as if both of these families have made me feel like part of their own family and for that I am so grateful.

6. If you could choose between hot summers and cold winters, which would you choose?
Hot! I’d rather be warm than cold. Sundresses are more fun to wear in warmer weather than colder weather. Although, I do have to admit that I really like scarves (A LOT) and find them difficult to wear in warm weather.

7. Favorite food from your country of service?
There’s this salad I like that they make with red beets mixed with mayonnaise, garlic, and walnuts. It was the first food item I learned how to make here.

Best traveling companions, The Daultons!

8. From your experience, where is best place to travel to?
From my experience, I have found the best places to travel to are anywhere you have good friends or family to meet you when you get there. For example, anywhere that my dear friends, the Daultons live, send me away. They just moved to China, so I hope/plan to visit China in the near future.

9. If you could choose between the public transportation in your country of service or walking, which do you prefer?
I’d rather walk, although I have to admit if I am running late to be somewhere in town or in Chisinau or if it’s below zero I’m likely to take the public transportation even though it’s not my favorite.

10. If you could describe your Peace Corps service in one word, what would it be?

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