An Update on the Blog It Home Contest

Last week I had shared about my blog being one of the top 20 blogs that were selected for the finals of the Peace Corps “Blog It Home” contest. The winners were selected through a voting process on Facebook which had me, along with many family members and friends, sharing the same photo/post over and over again asking people to “like” it. The latest update regarding this contest is that I did not win. I would be lying if I said I was not disappointed… it was so close. I believe that my blog would have been the next selected since it was in the 9th spot and they chose 8 blogs (10 bloggers total) to send home to DC for a top bloggers conference.

Check out the winners from the contest: 8 things you can learn from Peace Corps blogs

However, in the midst of the disappointment I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have been selected for the “Blog It Home” contest and that people may have learned about Moldova for the first time when reviewing the finalists. Many thanks to so many of you who had voted and shared about the contest and for your encouragement and support. I will continue to blog and share my experiences here in Moldova and beyond — it helps me process and remember moments, events, and memories from my life here. Plus it’s an opportunity to share life as a Peace Corps volunteer in Moldova. And I will continue to choose joy… one day at a time.

This past week I had my first visitor visiting me from the States, which was such a gift to share my life here with my friend. We had a lot of great adventures which I will share about in the near future, plus she will also share through a guest post about her perspective and visit to Moldova (and about the time she fell asleep at the bank while waiting for me to take care of some things for a project).

Stay tuned, more to come later!

One Reply to “An Update on the Blog It Home Contest”

  1. Sara, I’m so proud of you for being selected as a finalist in the Blog It Home competition! Even though you just missed the top eight, I think it’s nice that Peace Corps gave your blog a shout-out in the opening line of the press release: “…how to make wine in Moldova…” Keep blogging it home, girl!!


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