Reasons to vote for SaraJoy in the “Blog It Home” competition 

As you or may not know, (apologies if you are seeing this a lot) my blog has made it as a finalist with the Peace Corps’ “Blog It Home” competition. Voting is currently underway on Facebook until Monday, August 10. 

Peace Corps has selected 20 bloggers from different Peace Corps countries around the world for their annaul “Blog It Home” competition. They have images representing each blog on Facebook and the photo with the most votes/likes will get to go to Washington DC to share their experience and country of service with others for a week. This not only would be a great opportunity to learn from one another and share about life as Peace Corps volunteers but also and about the amazing people we’ve gotten to know and places we call home. 

If you haven’t voted yet, I would love your support, you can do so by going HERE and clicking “like” on this image of sunflowers. 

Why vote?

1) Did you know where Moldova was? I honestly didn’t and am so glad I came here. It would be an opportunity for people to hear about a new place that they may not have known about before. 

2) Not only do I have some amazing stories to share from my experience but I also serve along with 100+ other volunteers here in Moldova and have met some wonderful locals who also have stories and experiences worth sharing. 

3) Peace and friendship. It takes decades to build upon the work that many Peace Corps volunteers do on a daily basis – time, patience, determination, tears, love, a listening ear… All things that build relationships, foster growth and confidence. My experience is not because of the work that I personally have done, but because of all the many PCVs who have come before me, the staff that supports us, and the local friends and host families who have been willing to work alongside us and build upon years of development work – not just in infrastructure but in the development of people, both the volunteers and people they’ve gotten to know. 

4) And the last reason you may need is: my mom. She has been an incredible positive influence in my life and she is beyond thrilled about me making it to the finals in this contest. When I think about a lot of the ways I have ended up here serving with the Peace Corps, I can see how she imparted a heart of service in me at a young age and I appreciate that. Plus, this is the most I have ever seen her use Facebook. If you don’t do it for me, do it for my mom. 😉 

If you still haven’t voted yet you can do so via Facebook HERE, just “LIKE” the sunflower photo with my host dad waving hello. 

Thank you in advance!!!

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