Meet My Balti Host Family

Over a year ago I introduced you to my host family I had during training. Now I’d like for you to meet the host family I have been living with for about a year and plan on continuing to live with them until the end of my service. We all live together in a 3 bedroom apartment in Balti, the second largest city of Moldova. My host family also has a house in a nearby village where they usually go on the weekends to take care of their gardens and village house.

Meet my host parents

Me with my host mom and host dad at the American BBQ.
Me with my host mom and host dad at our 4th of July BBQ this year.

My host mom just retired from teaching kindergarten a few months ago and my host dad is retired from flying helicopters but continues to work as a driver for a local business. They both work incredibly hard all the time. I call my host mom the “life professional” as she seems to do everything with expertise and ease from the simplest to most complicated things. She’ll ask me to do something as simple as cutting up vegetables, but for whatever reason I just don’t do it with the perfection and skill she has mastered. I have so much to learn from her. My host dad on the other hand is one of the most hard-working men I have met in Moldova. He is also the funniest. His sense of humor and outlook on life are contagious. I would also consider him a “life professional” as well as he fixes things with little to no resources and time. When he’s not driving for his job in Balti, he can be found at their village house working in the gardens, feeding the animals, helping a neighbor, and taking care of the house there. He runs circles around me.

Meet my host sister


My host sister and I are close in age, our birthdays are one year and a few days apart from one another. I have enjoyed getting to know her over the past year. She has been helpful for me in fashion advice, best ways to do my hair and makeup, and sharing recipes. We sometimes go for walks to the park and talk about life. All things I had always wanted in having a sister.

Meet my host nephew

with Timur

This little guy is the center of attention at home. He’s been growing up so fast and I see him changing daily – I cannot even think about how much he will have changed in about a year from now when I will leave Moldova. He’s crawling around the apartment now and has found his screaming voice. Occasionally I’ll speak to him in English, thus far I have taught him “Patty-Cake” so whenever he sees me he’ll try to clap his hands together.

I am so appreciative of my host family here in Balti. They have taken me in as part of their family, are incredibly understanding – both in my limited language skills and knowing when I need time alone or when I should take a break from work. I am fed incredibly well – especially now that it is summer we eat so many fresh fruits and vegetables grown from their village house.

I am beyond blessed to have been placed in their home and to become part of their family for these short 2 years – something my tata gazda reminds me of often… “this time is very short, enjoy it while you can.” So true.

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