I delightfully fell off the radar for a week

My blog has been a bit quiet lately as I had taken some needed downtime away from the internet and volunteer-life in Moldova. I jumped on a plane about a week ago and made my first visit to Western Europe to visit a friend who lives in France.

photo (1)
I had my fill of new foods, cheese and crepes along with some beautiful views and historic sites during my visit.

I’m happy to report that I am back in Moldova and already jumped right in to working on various projects and events — ready for year two ahead (or so I think so). 😉

I will share more photos and stories later when I have a bit of time to sort through the 1,000+ photos I had taken and try to understand why I took so many photos of doors and windows (I’m sure I will do something with them someday, right?) All-in-all it was a wonderful time, I finally got to visit Paris – something I only imagined when I was taking French classes in college.

More to come later!

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