Hram is a day for… what?

Balti hram is celebrated every May 22. The word hram kind-of translates to “day of the village/city” where communities all over Moldova celebrate on different days with celebrations in their village or town. In Balti there is a parade, many food booths, activities for kids, local Moldovan handicrafts, music & dancing, a big concert, and fireworks.

I was able to grab a couple of photos from the little bit of the celebrations I was able to get in that day…

Following a horse and buggy ride through central among all the food booths…
The National Theatre with it’s balloon decor after all the music and dancing was over for the day…
La multi ani Balti! = Happy Birthday Balti!
The concert in the evening before the fireworks…

However, I didn’t get a chance to see much of the hram celebrations since I was a bit occupied with spending some time with the girls from my Technovation Challenge team. They had the great opportunity to sit and talk with the US Ambassador about their project and making it to the semi-final round. The girls were thrilled to meet him and share their ideas and accomplishments. It was certainly a memorable way they celebrated their hram this year.

The US Ambassador with Team Pandicorn, semi-finalists of Technovation Challenge.

La multi ani Balti! I look forward to your next year ahead!

2 Replies to “Hram is a day for… what?”

  1. Hram is arguably the most overrated holiday in Bălți. Lots of people come from the surrounding villages for the sake of cheap entertainment and expensive food. Cherishing the traditions is no longer a staple during the hram…


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