The continuation of Easter celebrations in Moldova

The celebrations continued for me the next two days after we celebrated Easter on April 12th here in Moldova. The Monday after Easter was a holiday and most businesses were closed for the day so people could continue to celebrate the holiday with their families.

It was an amazingly beautiful day here on Monday and my host family decided to take the whole family out to their village house, which they call “the villa”. We packed up some food and I grabbed my camera and we all piled into the car for our adventure together at the villa.

The video below is a short clip from the drive out to the village… you’ll notice flat fields and a bumpy road. We were certainly not in Balti anymore.

First we had to make a stop along the way at their friend’s house, where she looks after their rabbits and pigs. So I got to see where some of the meat I have been eating comes from. We said hello to both the pigs and the rabbits (of all sizes)…


…and then we were invited inside where she had prepared a masa for us.  She wasn’t all that pleased with the pace in which I ate my food, as she kept yelling “Sara, mânca! Sara, mânca!” (Sara. eat! Sara, eat!) Of course she poured me a bottomless cups of house wine which she also did not approve in the way I took my time in drinking it. Upon leaving, she packed me a small bag of candies and hard boiled eggs… because I apparently hadn’t eaten enough.

The celebration continues with more food and another masa! :)
The celebration continues with more food and another masa! 🙂

We drove a little bit longer to their village house which was the next village over… and as we drove through the main street to their home I fell in love with the beautiful scenery and peacefulness of it all. I can’t believe it took me so long to make a visit!

We were greeted by this guy before entering the house – my host dad made him to keep strangers away.
They have many flowering trees at the villa house all over the property.

I got a grand tour of their village home and the property. My host dad showed me all the fields that were theirs and what he plans to plant there. He showed me the fruit trees, walnut trees, bee hives, and where things will be planted for the year ahead.

It takes many bees to make all that delicious honey we enjoy all year long!
All the beehives of bees around the flowering fruit trees in one of the gardens.

I taught them how to play UNO, we sat and talked, and we prepared for our next meal together while trying to entertain my 4 month-old host-nephew.

My host nephew enjoying being outside and giving us all a good laugh with his little laughs and sounds he makes when he smiles.
We ate our next meal together outside since it was such a beautiful day.

I loved it. It reminded me very much of being at home since I grew up in rural Pennsylvania. It is peaceful and absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to go back again.

Then the next day I went to the office where we continued the celebrations. My coworkers had their young kids join us after lunch where I introduced an Easter egg hunt to them and we hid both plastic eggs and chocolate eggs around the office. The kids loved it and we all had a good laugh over the whole idea of it all.

The eggs the kids collected around the office (even the ones we made out of paper).
The eggs the kids collected around the office (even the ones we made out of paper).

After the egg hunt we did some team building and ate BBQ together that had been prepared behind the office outside in the yard. We talked about the differences between how Easter is celebrated in America compared to Moldova. It was a nice celebration and I understood maybe about half of what was going on in the conversation most of the time.

Our office Easter meal... I know, I know... lots of photos of food and no people. Next time, next time...
Our office Easter meal… I know, I know… lots of photos of food and no people. Next time, next time…

More celebrations to possibly come next week… it’s not over just yet. Paste blajinilor (Memorial Easter) is next weekend when people go to the cemetery with food and wine to visit with family and friends and remember those who have passed.

2 Replies to “The continuation of Easter celebrations in Moldova”

  1. The photos are beautiful! I’m guessing dieting isn’t an easy thing to do there given many of your stories have to do with eating and drinking wine. LOL! That being said…the food looks fabulous! (except for the bunnies).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love hearing about all these Easter holiday traditions in which you’ve been actively participating. 🙂 The Holy Week (Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday) was my FAVORITE time of the year in the Philippines, for similar reasons. I have enjoyed reading your multi-part blog series about the interesting ways that Moldovans celebrate this special holiday. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos and stories!

    Liked by 1 person

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