Preparations leading up to Easter in Moldova

5 thoughts on “Preparations leading up to Easter in Moldova”

  1. Sara, loved reading about your preparation for Easter. We tried to call you on Easter but I think it got to be to late. I think your mom enjoyed her retirement celebration. Although it wasn’t to much of a surprise, as I’m sure she told you. We had a nice day together. Lots of food, but not as much as you, I think! Tom and I are getting ready for another trip out west. Going to Utah and then on to California and up the coast to Oregon and Washington and then back through Montana to visit toms brother. We will be gone all summer. Love reading your post. Sound like you are quite busy and enjoying your time. Love you and miss you.


    1. Thanks Aunt Laurice! 🙂 I know, I’m sad I couldn’t join you all in your celebrations there. I think you will really enjoy the West coast – I loved Oregon and Seattle. Sounds like you have quite the adventure ahead of you! Enjoy! Love and miss you too! xoxo


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