Saturday Mornings are Best for Taking Photos

Saturday mornings are best for taking photos… especially when you get to share the morning with a group of enthusiastic youth who also want to learn more about photography.

Photography is one of my favorite things and I recently met some youth at a local NGO who want to learn more about photography. We’ve arranged to start a photo club and try to meet about every other week on Saturday mornings. We have met twice so far and I try to cover basic photo composition since most of them are taking photos with point and shoot cameras and their cell phones.

Some of the youth after one of our photo sessions and sharing what they had taken photos of with one another.
Some of the youth after one of our photo sessions and sharing what they had taken photos of with one another.

The one thing that has been the most challenging for me is that the majority of the youth speak Russian. I have been learning Romanian, so I do all the photo workshops in English with the help of a translator. This makes it difficult to try to carry a conversation with the youth along with my limited Romanian and the very few words I know in Russian. Thankfully there is one youth who speaks English pretty well who has been helping all of us understand one another.

This has become one of my most favorite things so far that I have been involved in, even with it’s challenges. I have enjoyed getting to know the youth who are interested in learning more about photography and that we get to all go out into the city and practice taking photos.

The first meeting we discuss the importance of perspective — in how we can all be looking at the same exact thing, but depending on WHERE we are looking at it from, we may be seeing a different aspect of it. And so we went out and practiced taking photos of some objects and changing our view and perspective on the object to see how the composition of the photograph changed… as well as our own perspective of the actual object.

Example… plant below is same exact plant, but photo taken from above and from below looking at. Same thing, but two very different photos.


I even incorporated how this also applies to life… we can all be facing a similar situation, but we all may be seeing things from a different perspective in life depending on our own personal and past experiences. A great reminder to be reminded of daily…

I loved seeing them all out and about taking photos and sharing with one another what they were finding or how they were seeing things…

DSC_0605 DSC_0601

The second session we talked about some tips and tricks in photo composition… but also to remember that “photography is an art, not a science” so these are some loose “rules” but some things to keep in mind. The video below was great in helping to explain this in a creative and more visual way.

Then we ventured out for about 2 hours into the city to practice what we had learned…

But first we had to start out our morning with some fun with some conversation candy hearts that my mom had sent in her latest package. They had never had candy like this before and we had some good laughs at some of the sayings on them and what they meant.

These are some of the photos I took from that day as we walked around keeping our eyes open for photo opps. I think my favorite moment from that day was when someone told me they didn’t think Balti was a good place to take photos because they didn’t think it was very interesting. I challenged them to see what they could find putting on a new lens and perspective as they view their city and maybe they’d be surprised.

DSC_0787 DSC_0791 DSC_0831 DSC_0843 DSC_0855DSC_0848

And these photos below are some of the ones that the students took that day — I have enjoyed seeing them try new things with taking photos and seeing their city in a different way – through the photo lens.

IMG_2069 IMG_3663 IMG_20150321_114326 IMG_20150321_120847 IMG_20150321_121701 IMG_20150321_123355

I look forward to the next time we meet and go out to explore with our cameras.

3 Replies to “Saturday Mornings are Best for Taking Photos”

  1. I love the photo/life example of perspective. What a great way to illustrate that concept! The photography club is a fantastic idea, and I hope you enjoy these moments with the youth. Just curious, what is the dominant language at your placement site? Why do some people speak Romanian and others Russian?


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