What do kids in a U.S. classroom want to know?

What is it like in Moldova?

This is just one of many questions that have been asked by students in the U.S. — I meet with two classes through the World Wise Schools program; one class is a group of 6th graders and the other class is 7/8th grade. I have had the great opportunity to connect with a friend’s classroom back home in State College, PA during my service. Thanks to technology, so far we meet through Skype and have exchanged letters.

The first group of letters that these students have written included many questions, asking about my service in Peace Corps and some questions concerning my well-being and interests. I will include different installments of these questions about once a week to share their perspective and my responses.

To start out, here are some of their questions along with my responses below…

“What is it like in Moldova?” 

This was the question that was asked the most, and is probably the most difficult to answer. I’ll try to keep it simple though — as far as temperatures and climate go, Moldova gets to experience all 4 seasons; spring, summer, fall, and winter.  The people here are friendly and I have found them quite helpful when I am lost or need help with something. Many buildings resemble life from the way it was during the soviet era; most people walk or use public transportation to get around; and agriculture is an important part of their culture and economy.

“Do you have homework with you learning Romanian?”

Yes I do, I meet with a tutor about two to three times a week to practice and improve my Romanian. She gives me homework each time and then I take it home to work on and we review it at my next session. I also practice every day by using my new language skills at work, home, and when I meet with different people throughout the week. I know that my Romanian language is not perfect or 100% correct – but how am I going to get any better without practicing and using it every day?

This little guy was adorable and tried to teach us Romanian lessons one afternoon during tutoring.

Also, something to note: today marks the 8 month anniversary of our group being in Moldova! Now 6 months at being at site in Balti! Whoa.

3 Replies to “What do kids in a U.S. classroom want to know?”

  1. Yay! So glad you are sharing your experiences with American students through the World Wise Schools program. Who knows? Maybe you will inspire some of them to join the Peace Corps someday! 🙂


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