Go to Romania, and face a fear in the New Year

I don’t know where this particular fear comes from… but I know it’s been around for a long time for me. When I would think about the possibility of it I would get knots in my stomach and then think about all the other things I would rather do.

I’ve come face-to-face to fears similar to this one and instead of running from them, I have learned to face them and at least give it a try – to not allow that fear to get the best of me. The least I can do is say I tried it, even if I didn’t like it. Why not give it a try, maybe it’s something I would enjoy? How would I know if I never tried it before? I have found that the more I am willing to face these fears, I grow a little bit each time and in the long run the fears aren’t as scary and it becomes more of an adventure.

For example…

  • Skydiving… is now a random, interesting story.
  • Caving… brought a friend and I closer together because of it.
  • Mountain biking… brings back the laughter shared in the woods with friends.
  • A long overseas flight alone… was just part of the process of a changed heart.

….among many more stories similar to the ones above. Even the one I am currently living out now (being in Moldova).

And so, as a friend brought up the opportunity to go to Brasov, Romania for a few days for a winter ski trip, I felt my stomach do it’s familiar knot tying. Skiing?!

Immediately my mind went to the negative and annoying “I can’t do it” thoughts.

Then, I recognized it as another long-time fear and asked myself “Why not?” and realized how silly I was being.

After some thinking and a little bit of research, I decided to go… and the day after New Year’s I found myself on a tour bus with my friend and many Moldovans heading to Romania.

After what seemed a very long drive (plus a 4+ hour wait at the border) and little sleep we made our way to Brasov for the afternoon where we did a little bit of touring around the city and did some sightseeing.

Walking through the streets of Brasov, Romania.
Walking through the streets of Brasov, Romania.

It was pretty cold and snowy during our time there. We even took a quick, little visit to Bran where we visited Dracula’s castle as well.

Beautiful, snowy view of Bran from Dracula's castle.
Beautiful, snowy view of Bran from Dracula’s castle.
The central/interior part of Dracula's castle as we tried to figure our way out (it's easy to get lost in there!).
The central/interior part of Dracula’s castle as we tried to figure our way out (it’s easy to get lost in there).

The first day at the ski place, the bus dropped us off as we spent a few hours doing some snow tubing and trying to stay warm. The temps were below freezing and in the negatives (F) at times!

Snowtubing with Miki on a double snow tube. Who knew tubing for 2 hours would be so tiring!?
Drinking hot chocolate and eating kurtos, which is this amazing tube of delicious bread you can only find there in that region of Romania.
Drinking hot chocolate and eating kurtos, which is this amazing tube of delicious bread you can only find there in that region of Romania.

The next day we got dropped off again at the ski  place and we decided to rent some skis and give it a try. With the help of some others and encouragement from one another, we spent the next couple of hours trying not to hit random people while learning how to stop with these thin boards attached to our feet.


I learned the art of gracefully falling, even sometimes while still moving… and the secrets on how to get back up.


It was a great way to kick-off the New Year… and face an old fear. I’m glad I gave it a try and got to see beautiful, Romania in the snow.

Later that evening, we went out for some late-night fun in the snow. We did some sledriding on an old sled, made snow angels and built a snowman. Remember what I said a few weeks ago about what I was looking forward to in this new year… little did I know I would be building a snowman so soon. 😉

We made a snowman...snowdude...snowbear... with a mowhawk.
We made a snowman…snowdude…snowbear… with a mowhawk. So much fun!

Here’s to facing more fears in this New Year…life is too short not to. Hai! Let’s Go!

5 Replies to “Go to Romania, and face a fear in the New Year”

    1. Haha! I do have to admit that I was scared of falling down the steep, windy stairs in the castle. It happened to a lot of people since the steps were wet from the snow. And then, we couldn’t figure out how to get out of there, a scary place for sure 😉


  1. Looks like you definitely had lots of fun – fear or not 🙂 I just wrote a post about our skiing trip and facing my fear of heights – can relate. Totally agree to facing the fears!


  2. you go girl! Conquer whatever fears you have (while you’re still young enough to do it. LOL)

    Beautiful pictures – could be here in the USA!


  3. Wow! What a way to start a New year! You are amazing!

    Thanks for the goodies you sent in. We do miss you. Keep up the great work and continue to
    enjoy life!


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