A dressember update

Earlier this December, I shared some information about dressember and since then a lot has happened.

Our Nationala Moldovei group grew to 20+ individuals from Moldova and various states throughout the US. Plus there were many others near and far who joined in on the challenge by wearing dresses throughout the month in support of the team and cause.

The $5,000 goal has been surpassed by raising a total of $5,800 (as of 1/8/2015) for International Justice Mission. As a group, together we fully funded a rescue operation ($4,500), access to medical care for FIVE survivors of violence ($222 ea), one freedom training ($111), and about 2-3 aftercare packages ($30).

The whole dressember campaign has raised over $450,000 to go toward International Justice Mission, a human rights organization that works to rescue victims of slavery, sexual exploitation, and other forms of violent oppression. The campaign is hoping to reach their goal of $500,000 by the end of January. You can get more information here.

A teaser video was created by a group of ladies here in Moldova to support a group of amazing men who joined us in the challenge and agreed to wear dresses if the goal was reached by the end of December.

Then on December 30th, the $5,000 goal was reached and the video of these brave men wearing dresses in the center of Chisinau on a cold December day was released. I cannot say enough how much respect I have for these gentlemen.

Even a local newspaper picked up the video and translated it into Romanian. Check it out!

But, most of all… people’s lives will be changed. We may never know the positive impact this will have on the lives of people we may never meet. In addition to this, awareness of the issue of human trafficking has been raised, especially in Moldova… and a group of people stood together in dresses, near and far, hoping to make a difference.

Many thanks to so many of you who donated to this cause and for all who also sported dresses throughout the month of dressember. You all are amazing — this is so much bigger than a dress!



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