October’s Over?

October is over? When did that happen?!

Being that it’s mid-November and I’m wondering where October went, gives you a bit of a glimpse of how fast time has been going for me recently. I’m a bit behind on processing my thoughts and sharing the latest things I have been learning during my time in Moldova as a Peace Corps volunteer – please forgive me. We have some catching up to do.

In the meantime, enjoy some snapshots from the past month and a half of my life here in this beautiful place.

This little guy was from my first host family’s home during the second phase of training.
During the second phase of training my youngest host sister and I would watch a lot of animated movies together.
…and the letter D is for DOVLEAC, which means pumpkin in Romanian.
I made popcorn on the stove top my first time since I arrived in Moldova and introduced my host family in Balti to it… I’m proud to say that it was a big hit. I was beyond excited that night to share this fun snack with them and watch a movie.
My host dad brought home some bread from the southern part of Moldova — it was as big as my head!!
It snowed. In October. #toosoon
I made chocolate chip cookies for the first time and introduced my host family and co-workers to them for the first time. To make chocolate chips you have to get a chocolate bar and break it up into tiny pieces.
One of my site mates hosted a Halloween party for their NGO’s volunteers. Lots of creative handmade costumes going on here. In Moldova they don’t celebrate Halloween.
For Halloween I dressed as a hashtag complete with a wipe-off #hashtag board. Aren’t these two lovely ladies beeautiful?
I received a very fun care-package from a dear friend! I get so excited about mail and packages now – it makes me feel a little bit closer to the ones I love who are so far away. Thank you, friend!
Adam made lasagna. It was amazing, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.
Daniel and I did a day trip to Chisinau – it makes for a long, tiring day. We got to see a beautiful sunset on the way home though – just a blurry shot through the rutiera window.
I continue to find (and look for) joy in the small things… I found a lady bug!
My host dad made me some warm spiced wine. It apparently is the cure for everything – not feeling well? Have a sore throat? Here, drink!
The leaves are gone – fall is coming to an end… and the birds are watching closely.
I started meeting with these kiddos at the American Corner to have some English-learning fun with them each week.
View from behind the Stephan Cel Mare statue in the center of town from the primaria (where all the local political and community stuff gets done – aka mayor’s office).
Went on a visit with my work to a school where they just finished a cafeteria project and we stood at this open hole for awhile. I really wish I understood what they were saying about it. It just seemed so random to me – big open hole at a school…
And then this guy… I believe it’s the same puppy I had held a few weeks ago and we found him waiting for us one evening as we were heading home. I told him to follow me home and he did (I may have carried him part of the way too) 😉 and gave him a little bit of food and he continued on his way. I love that when I got home I told my host mom that I found a puppy (you could also hear him crying in the stairwell) and she immediately went to the fridge to get something for him. Best host family ever.

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