How about Moldovan Wine in the US?

Moldova is known for its wine. Many families make their own house wine and there are many vineyards and wineries throughout the country. Recently some Moldovan wines were presented during a program on FoxNews, “Wine with Me” as master of wine, Christy Canterbury shared various wines from Moldova and recommended them to viewers. Business news presenter, Tracy Byrnes encouraged viewers to support Moldova by purchasing Moldovan wine. How about that?

You can view this short clip of this program: The Unexplored wine region of Moldova (it’s in English)

If you’re wondering where you can find wine from Moldova there is a website available for this purpose. Although, I am unsure how recently it has been updated. Find out where to find Moldovan wine around the world!

If you ever get a chance to visit Moldova, there are various adventures to be had within the wine industry here. There are 2 places that have underground wine tunnels – Cricova and Milești Mici. Cricova is known for their sparkling wine and it is the second largest underground wine cellar, next to Milești Mici which is the largest in the world. I had the opportunity to visit Cricova for a tour this summer within the first two months of living here, during our period of training. I hope to make it back before the end of my service for a wine tasting.

There are a lot of local wines from Moldova and I have been enjoying learning about the various varieties and local names during my time here. You can also learn more about the grapes, history, and wineries through the site: Wine of Moldova.

You may want to make note of some of these Moldovan wine labels and names, especially if you live in Pennsylvania and in the future in North Carolina as the US orders $1 million-worth of Moldova Wine.

How exciting – Moldova’s wine industry is expanding it’s exporting. I hope you get the opportunity to taste it!


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