A Wine Weekend

Moldova is known for their wine and now that it is the end of the season there’s got to be a big celebration of course. Since we were in/near Chisinau  for 2 weeks of training and since the Wine Festival fell at the very end of training it was a great opportunity to see the festival and experience some more of Moldova’s culture. Unfortunately for me I was sick and I wasn’t able to taste any wines – how about that for timing? Hopefully next year I’ll be able to enjoy the festival through my taste buds and not just through my camera lens.

A national campaign to promote all wines of Moldova
I loved the ballerina label on this bottle at Gitana Winery.
A man selling handmade dolls at the festival.
A winery had some girls dressed in traditional clothing as part of their display/exhibit area.
A woman demonstrated basket making in the art/demo area.
So many people… and so many balloons show up for this annual festival.
Noroc! A tasting cheers for the group.
And then, suddenly this happened – a mini dancing parade passed right by us on their way to the stage.
Drummers and dancers passing by on their way to the stage…

I look forward to next year when I hopefully will be able to taste a variety of wines from Moldova and go on a tour of one of the local wineries since they offer tours throughout the day at various locations. I have a better idea of what to expect at a wine festival in Moldova now – lots of music, dancing, wine, food, art, and people – all folded in among parts of Moldova’s rich history in the wine industry… each winery having their own story to tell.


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