September Snapshots

5 thoughts on “September Snapshots”

  1. Beautiful pictures Sara. The last one especially. We had a lot of South African wine, wonder if you can get wine from Moldova here in the states! The grape vines in Africa were just starting to grow, it was spring there. Looks like you are enjoying yourself. I always look forward to your post.

    Love, Aunt Laurice Don’t know how this picture got in here, it’s Wyatt’s fire pit I made him for his birthday. Don’t know how to take it off!

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    1. Thanks Aunt Laurice! I’m not sure if you can purchase wine in the states from Moldova or not. I found this site that indicates where you can apparently buy Moldovan wine… of course PA isn’t one of those places:

      I bet the wine in South Africa was great – so glad you had a wonderful time!


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