Farm Tour Adventures

I got to join in on a bit of an adventure with my office as they hosted some guests from another country to learn more about our organization and to see first hand some farms in Northern Moldova. Even with the quick notice I was grateful for the opportunity to go and learn a bit of what ProCoRe does and who they work with.

After some time to connect with the guests and a tour of the University in Bălți, we made our way north just outside Drochia to visit a vegetable and fruit farm.

The greenhouses where the vegetables are grown
The greenhouses where the vegetables are grown
While discussing the process that the family goes through with managing the farm, everyone enjoyed some fresh watermelon.

There was some hands-on learning as we went out to the greenhouses to see everything up-close. The tomatoes were huge and there were lots of them – all grown naturally.

A big, bright, red tomato – fresh!
Learning about the peppers grown in the greenhouse.
Lots of greenhouses full of tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.
Looking for watermelons…
It’s nearing the end of watermelon season, just a few baby watermelons left – fresh from the field too!
A true Moldovan woman (Moldoveanca) – wearing heels to the field.

Next stop we made our way to a dairy and cattle farm not far from Bălți to visit the farmers and see their production at their facility.

Sharing about the history of the farm and their story as to how they got started...
Sharing about the history of the farm and their story as to how they got started…
Some of the cattle, enjoying dinner
Some of the newest additions to the farm – baby cows from Germany
And all the baby calfs said… pffft! (one of my favorite pics from the day)

It was a great day and I learned a lot from everyone. I’m enjoying working with the organization that I have been partnered with through the Peace Corps and am looking forward to what the next ~23 months will hold as we work together.

As we made our way back to Bălți from the farm visits and said our goodbyes to the guests, we enjoyed the sunset marking the end of the day.

Beautiful sunset on the way home…

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