Friday Music Day: Moldovenii s-au născut

It’s Friday and it’s a great excuse to share a little bit of Moldova with you through music. Thanks to my friend and fellow PCV, Kelsey – who found this wonderful gem. This group apparently has been around since the 90’s and are quite popular here. It’s a fun video and incorporates a lot of the culture that we have experienced in our short time here (approx. 2.5 months)!

Here’s a bit from their website: Since mid 90s “Zdob si Zdub combines the hardcore and Moldovan folklore in a unique and elegant way, offering a spectacular live show… call them ethno-rockers, if you wish. Add some hip-hop, drum’n’bass, jungle, punk… an original music crossover, the meeting point of urban intensity and rural spirit. This charismatic band leaves deep traces in Moldova’s music history, however feeling at home in front of any audience it reaches.”  [more info…]

I hope you enJOY it as much as I have!

4 Replies to “Friday Music Day: Moldovenii s-au născut”

  1. So happy to see that you’ve already discovered the local rock music scene! I bet these guys would be great to see in concert. I hope you have the opportunity to catch them live (and maybe meet them??) at some point. 🙂


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