New Beginnings in Bălți

About 2 weeks ago I said farewell to my PST group and hello to my new site mates… I’ve gained another family… settled into my new home… started working with my organization… and have been getting to know my new community. Maybe it’s just me, but my concept of time seems to be going fast and slow all at once. Since arriving to my permanent site in Bălți I have been slowly getting acclimated with my surroundings in the city – purposefully setting out to “get lost” in order to find my way to where I want to go and taking the time to actually breathe and soak in all the new changes.

The Stefan Cel Mare monument in Balti
The Stefan Cel Mare monument in Balti

With the primary organization I am working with I have arrived during vacation time for most of my colleagues and work partners so it’s been pretty quiet in the office right now. So far I have been working on making a video from a recent trip they took to Prague with a group of farmer’s for a training. It’s been fun since making videos is something I have wanted to learn to do, so I’ve been learning along the way teaching myself some of the basics to make a simple promotional video. I started out using one of their computers which was in Russian and found that the computer ran really slow when trying to edit videos – so it took me a few days and lots of patience before I switched it all over to using my own laptop which made the process much speedier.

I was working between the 2 computers at one point to translate the program for myself
Trying to translate the program using 2 computers – one in English the other in Russian

Everything is still new to me as I learn to navigate my new life in this new place with new friends and a new language. The volunteers who have been here for a year or more have been great at helping during this transition from navigating the transportation, the best places to eat/find food, making local connections, and finding language tutors. For this I am grateful.

I have found that it’s the little accomplishments that are so rewarding right now. Shopping at a store or the piața – actually finding what I’m looking for (win!), being able to walk somewhere and actually know where I’m going (finally!), and being able to hold a conversation IN ROMANIAN with my host mom for 2 hours (big win!).

All has been well as throw my arms up, call each day an adventure and surrender my plans & ideas as I stumble upon the little things to be thankful for in each day.

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