PCV Official

It’s official! I’m finally an official Peace Corps volunteer aka PCV. Our swearing in ceremony was on Wednesday, July 30 in Chisinau, Moldova. It was a long day after 8 weeks of pre-service training for our group of Community & Organizational Development trainees along with the Social & Economic Development trainees. The Health Education & English Education group of trainees will be sworn in as volunteers around August 13 since they are currently in practice school for the last 2 weeks of their pre-service training.

Wednesday morning I packed up my life again and said goodbye to my host family in Magdecesti and boarded the ruteria along with 6 other volunteers and all of our stuff.

All my stuff packed up and ready to go
Our happy rutiera driver
Our happy rutiera driver
So much luggage
So much luggage

Once we arrived to Chisinau and moved all of our stuff into a storage room, some of us made our way to Tucano for some coffee drink-treats.

The swearing in ceremony included some Peace Corps staff, language teachers, some Peace Corps mentors, Moldovan partners, local media, the US Embassy, among many others.

Our hosts for the swearing-in ceremony
Our PCV hosts for the swearing-in ceremony
Our COD representative giving her speech in Russian!
Our COD representative giving her speech in Russian!

The US Embassy posted some photos and a press release from the day: Embassy press release and FB post from US Embassy Moldova.

After the ceremony we snacked on some foods and said goodbyes to our COD & SED family of friends as host families arrived for the host family conference. (I have other photos from the day but just haven’t downloaded them yet)

With one of my Moldovan partners
With one of my Moldovan partners
Team Bălți!
Team Bălți!
With Kel
With Kelsey in honor of World Day against Trafficking in Persons – campaign #igivehope

After signing the host family agreements, we said goodbyes and separated into our arranged transportation along with all of our belongings for our 2 years of service. My host dad had to take care of some things in Chisinau before leaving so one of my partners and I went to a café to celebrate with fried ice cream while we waited.

Fried ice cream, Moldovan style!
Fried ice cream, Moldovan style!

Once my host dad was ready to go – we swiftly made our way to Bălți, just in time for dinner. I was warmly greeted by my host mom and I immediately started unpacking my life to get settled into my new home.

In the process of organizing my life... before....
In the process of organizing my life… before….
After an hour or so, life is now organized... After!
After an hour or so, life is now organized… After!

After some Romanian charades and an email to my mom at home reassuring her I made it safely to Balti (after being prompted by my host parents that it was important to do), I collapsed into bed recounting the day’s events. I discovered many blessings from the day and past 8 weeks of PST as well as much to look forward to as my service in Moldova officially unfolds here in Balti.


4 Replies to “PCV Official”

  1. Sara, I love hearing about your adventures–although that word seems to trivialize what you’re doing. I admire you for stepping out of most peoples’ comfort zone and seeking to do so much good for so many others. These experiences will be irreplaceable for all involved. Take care and keep writing!


  2. Sara, congrats on becoming a PCV!! I’m proud of you! I hope you adjust well into your new host family and job. Skype me any time– I would love to chat with you and stay in touch!!


    1. Thanks Hillary! Yes, we will keep in touch and hopefully we can visit one another at least once or twice in these next 2 years (many times in Chisinau of course though). I wish you all the best as you finish practice school!


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