Where has the time gone?

I’m at a loss for words at this point… pre-service training (PST) is almost over with about 10 days left. Time has flown by so fast. Our group of Community and Organizational Development trainees along with the Small Enterprise Development group will swear in together on July 30 and then we will officially become Peace Corps Volunteers.

Some days life feels so normal like I’ve been here for many months, not the actual 6-7 weeks that it has really been…and then some other days I honestly find myself stunned at the reality of it all. This week I found myself facing the realities and missing home a lot. I am so glad I am here and I know this is exactly where I am supposed to be, but I can’t deny that I miss my family and friends at home terribly. Especially knowing I am missing out on celebrations, being able to hug a friend who is grieving a loss, and being able to share everyday, ordinary moments. I think I miss those the most… splashing in rain puddles, the laughter of my friends’ kids, random road trips, ice cream and frozen yogurt trips, and any opportunity to gather together and just… be.

I know that these things are already happening here and I’m going through the transition from one home to another and I will do so yet again in about a week and a half. I will miss my family here in Magdăcești a lot, even though they won’t be too far I hope to be able to visit often and enjoy the seasons of Moldova with them throughout my service in these 2 years. It’s those everyday adventures that make life much sweeter… here are a few snapshots of some ‘everyday moments’ during my time here in PST…

At the 4th of July BBQ with Daniel & Jeff (future site mates in Bălți)
With Chrissy at the 4th of July BBQ
Helping to make placenta (for a little bit)
Sunflowers are everywhere at this time of year and they are stunningly BEAUTIFUL!
One of my new favorites… fresh honey!
july16 058
Ellen and I working on our group project by handing out surveys at the poșta one morning. (Notice the Pennsylvania shirt… however, he didn’t have any connection to PA)
This is a special treat when you need a little pick-me-up…so grateful.
The sunset during an evening run with a friend – spectacular!
This was after getting caught in a downpour-storm one evening during a run with my host sisters…
Lots of UNO has been played recently which also includes lots of laughter (and it’s great for practicing Romanian too!)
The view from the swing in the garden made by my host tata… quite lovely for reading in the afternoon
One of the other groups planned a community activity and we helped them pick up trash in the park near the school.

And this is where I post a bunch of adorable cat/kitten photos… I can’t help myself though. They’re just too darn cute.

This one was curious of the camera and then decided he didn’t like it. I call this photo the #scaredycat
One day when I came home from school this is how they were at the entry way – like there were just waiting for me to come home.
Curled up on my lap while I did some studying…

And last but not least… this one has more of an inside story that I think a few folks may understand (mostly Lauren, Katy, Kyra, and maybe life group?) but look who hangs out at one of the local bars/magazines in our village… remember Rody? I think this is one of his relatives…

Yes, this is a children’s play area… complete with a Rody relative, or something like that…?

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