Where in Moldova will I go?

So today was the big day that we received our site placements announcements and for those of us in my program, Community & Organizational Development we all got to find out what kind of work we could possibly be doing.
Site announcements in action
The map of Moldova in the parking lot, everyone stood in their approximate location for site placement once it was announced.
Finally I will be able to answer the question…”What will you be doing in Moldova?” (well maybe…)
I will be living in Bălți which is located in the north part of Moldova and is considered the 2nd largest city in Moldova. It’s funny because this is not at all what I thought my Peace Corps experience would be like (living in a city) and I even had very little expectations.
See you soon Bălți
See you soon Bălți
Inline image 2
Currently there are 4 volunteers serving in the city and by the time we get to Bălți, there may be 3 left. There are 3 of us coming from our M29 group – 2 of us from the COD program I am in (one Russian speaker and one Romanian speaker) and one small business development volunteer.
The whole Bălți group
Newbies from our M29 group
My mentor was really sweet and brought all of her mentors flowers for the big day. Thanks Trish!
Kelcy, me, Trish, and Chrissy (Trish is our mentor with helping us get settled during our time before and during pre-service training)
I will be working with an NGO called Pro Regional Cooperation (ProCoRe) which is an agriculture organization that works with rural parts of northern Moldova in rehabilitating their social infrastructure (schools, libraries, etc…) and works with farmers in improving their production and market access of their goods.
If you’re up for translating your web browser from Romanian to English, you can check out their current website here: http://www.procore.md/
I’m looking forward to learning about this industry since I have no experience in agriculture and don’t have an idea of what I will be doing with this organization yet. The information we all received today was either in Romanian or Russian, so we’ve all been trying to understand what this pertinent information says. Such an adventure.
This weekend we all will be traveling to our sites and meeting our next host families and work partners. We will be there until Tuesday where we will then meet back in the capital along with our work partners for a 2 day training session before we head back to completing our pre-service training in our current villages.
It’s going to be an adventurous weekend ahead! Noroc!

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