Learning to Adapt: Top 10 List

I’ve had to make some many adjustments to how I do things and adapt quickly to my new environment in Moldova. I’ve been making a “mental list” in my head since day 1 and have been wanting to document this so I could look back later to see how quickly those adjustments came along…

Here’s my top 10 list of some of the things I’ve had to learn to adjust to my new life in Moldova:

  • 10. Using 24 hour/military time (Matt & PD, you guys would be proud!)
  • 9. Be willing to drop what I’m doing to go anywhere at anytime
  • 8. Converting lei vs. dollar
  • 7. Do not pet, approach or make eye contact with the street dogs and leave them alone.
  • 6. Quick showers in the evening, not in the morning.
  • 5. Place TP in the waste basket/can – not in the toilet.
  • 4. Using the outhouse & trying not to think about winter time.
  • 3. Extra patience is required, mostly for myself when learning a new language.
  • 2. Learning the Romanian language is my #1 priority right now. I’m even dreaming in Romanian…too bad I don’t really understand it… yet.
  • 1. Some doors/locks are challenging for me – why?! For some reason, I can’t seem to open, unlock, or lock them correctly…

These are just a few minor adjustments that I find myself laughing at myself about as I’m adjusting to each new day that brings with it all kinds of new adventures. I am thankful for this new season and the people I have been meeting along the way.


5 Replies to “Learning to Adapt: Top 10 List”

  1. I am so enjoying your updates! Keep calm – it will all come together – including learning how to open doors! Curious – why can’t you pet the dogs?


  2. So glad you’re enjoying the updates! 🙂 Yes, I hope so – it seems so simple but yet so challenging (for me at least). There are dogs everywhere… in the streets…park…school yard, it’s just best to leave them alone. It makes me sad – there are a couple of them who seem really friendly, but it’s best to play it safe (but that’s just my personal opinion).


    1. Hi Luther! I am learning Romanian and have only been here for a little over 3 weeks now, there are a few people who are learning Russian. It seems that most people in Moldova use Romanian in every day use even if they may know Russian as well.


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