Everything Brings a New Perspective

Two weeks ago today, I left the comfort of my home, friends, and family to jump into this new adventure with the Peace Corps to Moldova. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 2 weeks… it feels like 2 months! Everything is new… my “routine” has changed, and will continue to change… I’ve met a lot of new friends… have been learning a new language… smelling new smells… tasting new foods… and they all bring with them a whole different perspective. For this, I am grateful. I’m trying to take in each new thing that comes my way… I’ve certainly come to appreciate the simple and small things more than I can say I ever have before.

The past week and a half has been very full and there is so much to fill you in on… enjoy all of these “new” perspectives through the camera and the snapshots I’ve tried to capture along the way.

My family and I went on a little adventure to run an errand to Chisinau one weekend
My mama gazda (host mama) [the car behind us is from a wedding that was also stopped along the same place but for wedding photos]
My sister gazda (host sister) and I
First ice cream ‘send-wish’ with grapes (raisins) and chocolate pieces
We enjoyed our ice cream and put our feet in the Nistru river
My sister gazda and I at the Nistru river
A view of one of the villages along the way home from running errands
This here… is some good stuff. Placenta! (you say it like plaCHenta) 😉
Clean laundry! A success! My family thankfully has a washing machine I was able to use.
New development – sidewalks! One of our discoveries on our community mapping walk.
Having some fun on the playground we found during our community mapping walk…
One of the fancier wells we found along on our walk…
Some of the many treats that one of the local shops/magazines sells in their store.
I couldn’t resist… they’re too cute!
Our group working on our map for our community mapping project.
My first taste of local Moldovan wine at another PCT’s host home
I made another new friend…
Some bread and candles – part of a tradition and memorial/ceremonial meal that takes place in memory of a deceased loved one
My first large meal with lots of extended family (part of the memorial meal)
Zina picking black berries
Maria picking blackberries
An amazing view and beautiful day!
Beautiful sisters
Me with Maria
Me with Zina
Another Peace Corps trainee, Matt and I at the same memorial dinner enjoying some raspberries and wine
Some of the homemade family wine
Later on… more foods and wine with friends and family back at my host family’s home

So much food, family, friends, and homemade vin… it has been a great time so far, full of lots of new experiences. Here’s to many more. Noroc! [Cheers!]

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