Week one… in Moldova

We are one week into our training with the Peace Corps in Moldova. I live in Magdacesti with 13 other Peace Corps trainees, our village is about a 30-40 minute ride on a rutiera (mini-bus) to the capital, Chisinau. We will be here for 7 more weeks for our Peace Corps training.

You can find Magdacesti on Google maps…

On Wednesday, July 30 our group of Community & Organizational Development adviser’s will be sworn in and become official Peace Corp volunteers. While we are currently living in this community, we each live with a host family and are going through intensive language classes and training during this time.

What does a typical week look like during training? 

Life has been simplified and intensified all at the same time. Our group meets 6 days a week, including a “hub site” day where we travel to Chisinau for training that includes all 4 groups (~70+) people. We have Sunday off for a day of rest. Half of the day is spent on language (about 4 hours), at lunch time we either travel to our host homes for lunch or eat together at the school, and then the other half of the day is spent on learning more about what we could possibly be doing once we receive our site assignments. (Which won’t be happening until the beginning of July…)

I have enjoyed my first week immensely and am looking forward to getting better at my language skills and being able to form sentences instead of my pointing, charades, and funny faces I combine with Romanian words I think I’m saying… my host family and I have had some good laughs.

Enjoy some more photos from the last couple of days… and a fun story at the end as well!

Part of the road I walk to get to classes at the local school
A traditional meal in Moldova, mamaliga! So good.
Must watch where you’re going… this is a common thing in Moldova. Uncovered man holes…. watch your step!
Fruit compote from the quince tree in the backyard (never had this before!)
Beautiful flowers in the garden in the backyard
I have enjoyed watching this little guy, his name is Tom (like from Tom & Jerry)
Lots of bread, cheese, and fruit! Yum!

I have tried lots of new things within this past week. One of the new things included chicken stomach – this was a first for me… when I told my host sister, Zina that it was my first time eating it she relayed to my host mom that it was my first time eating CAT stomach… then quickly corrected herself that I meant chicken, not cat. Lots of laughter.

More photos and stories to come…


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