Day 2: I have a lot to learn…

Our first day of language training began the day after we arrived along with some more information we needed to know. I am happy to report I now have more than 2 words in my vocabulary and have been eager to share my new words and phrases with my host family when I return home.


One of the things I have yet to learn is how to lock and unlock the bathroom door… we had lots of laughs this evening as I went to get a shower and was having difficulty to get the door to lock, Zina had to come over and help me lock it. Once I was finished showering and went to leave the bathroom… I couldn’t figure out how to unlock it! I was locked in! I calmly tried many times to figure out how to get out, occasionally stepping back to take a breath before trying again…along with some knocking on the door from the inside. Eventually, my efforts were successful as Zina and my host mom had to help me out. We concluded that I won’t need to lock the bathroom door from now on…it really should be so simple, but apparently not for me. Oiy, that was a humbling experience…

As mentioned in our many emails of information we received from the Peace Corps; pre-service training is intense and most likely you won’t be hearing from me very much. It’s true. I’ll be a little MIA for a bit, occasionally logging in when wifi is available to check email and messages. I’ll try to write blog posts when I am able, as it is something that is helpful for me to process my time here.

Here is my new current address as requested by many of you. I’m not 100% sure of the reliability of mail and packages here – it seems to be hit or miss as I have heard through messages sent from previous volunteers. Mail is most certainly welcome and would be appreciated!

Sara Hoy
Corpul Pacii
Str. Grigore Ureche 12
2001 Chisinau
Republica Moldova

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