Celebrations for a New Season

The 2 weeks before I left for the Peace Corp to move to Moldova for about 27 months have been filled with celebrations, tears, laughter, and much joy as I prepared to embark on a new chapter in my life. My friends and family know how to celebrate and make someone feel loved and I know I will dearly miss this place and the people that I have called home for so long.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, after an amazing wedding uniting 2 great friends in Baltimore, my friends took me on an adventure full of surprises. I wanted to write more on this, but my dear friend and previous housemate documented the weekend very well over on her blog… check it out here!

Me along with the beautiful bride, Nelli on her wedding day
Me along with the beautiful bride, Nelli on her wedding day

The weekend was full of so much sweetness, I still am trying to take in all that happened. Thank you friends, for such a sweet, adventure-filled surprising time. I love you all.


There have been many celebrations during that time and I am oh, so grateful to have been celebrated well and to be able to say “until next time” to so many people. This gal is thankful for all of you near and far and for your friendship, love, and support in this next chapter of my life.

A farewell party with many friends in State College
I’m not sure what’s happening here in this photo, but it’s hilarious! I love it!
The grill master, cooking up some carne
Chocolate peanut butter cake – that was some good cake!
This guy makes me laugh, will miss you Alex
I used to work with Jean at the Chamber, she and her husband, Mike stopped by to say goodbye as well!
The Rookes!
The Nissley’s!
Most likely our last photo together – housemates!
Thankful for new friends, Steve & Lee!
Big hugs and tears. Thankful for your heart, Vanessa 🙂
The Feurtato’s!

There were so many photos and I’m not able to include all of them in this blog post, but I’ll try to share them soon on Facebook.

Then, one evening my small group ventured out to the outdoors to Jeremy’s cabin he has been building for the past 2+ years for a campfire and cookout. Some people ended up staying overnight. Sparklers and burning some items included. A great crew and fun times. 🙂

The whole crew!
The whole crew!
They all know how much I enjoy sparklers
They all know how much I enjoy sparklers

The night before I left in between packing my bags, a few ladies got together to send me off with wine, cheese, and prayer for the adventure ahead. Such a sweet time with these lovely ladies.

P1000399The day of my departure my mother & brother took me to the airport and some friends joined in on the final farewell. We had lots of laughs and tears as I stepped out into the unknown that was ahead…

Brother & mother at the airport
Friends at the airport…
See you later!

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