The beginning of my Peace Corps Journey

I spent all last week saying goodbyes and “see you laters” and on Monday morning (June 2, 2014) I flew from the State College airport into Philly. This is where we had a long day of staging and completed last minute paperwork. I got to finally meet some of my new friends, some of whom I already kinda knew thanks to Facebook. There are 73 of us going to Moldova together. After about a 5 hour orientation I met up with some new friends for dinner and we ventured off to Chinatown in Philly for some noodles.
After dinner some of us enjoyed bubble tea (which I was really excited to have as a last treat in the US).
After dinner my roommate and I went to our room to call it a night. It was a long day and I had been running on very little sleep from the past 2 days before leaving.
The next day started out early with meeting in the hotel lobby prior to boarding the busses to make our way to the JFK airport in New York. I’ve never seen so much luggage from one group all in one place.
As we were boarding our buses, I tried to pull my luggage up over the sidewalk curb and broke the handle on one of my suitcases. After laughing at myself and a complete stranger (who apparently was also there for peace corps training but for another country) helped me pull everything together. I had to figure out another way to carry my 130+ lbs of luggage and adapted quickly. Thankfully the night before, I changed my carry on bags around and switched to my backpack for one of the pieces so I could juggle the other 3 pieces between my two arms.
Once we made it to the airport with all of our luggage, we did a lot of waiting around and luggage juggling.  It took us about 3 hours to make it through check-in and security.
After a bit more of waiting around and finding food (pizza!) , we boarded our plane heading to Munich and settle into our seats for the next 8 hours… more on that later! 

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