A Visit to Lancaster with Long-time Friends

The past couple of days have been a whirlwind… I’ve organized like I’ve never had to organize before. I’ve been sorting and going through everything I owned and determined what to do with it – either sell or give it away. We hosted a moving sale one busy Sunday afternoon and friends and neighbors joined in on the “fun”…

photo (2)

I/we said farewell to some big items that were part of our home and helped make it a warm & welcoming place…

photo 2
Glad that the grill has found a new home
photo 3
The lovely piano has moved along with it’s lovely piano-playing owner (which was a sad piano-moving day)

Some great, strong guys came and took away some larger pieces and the temporary wall that made our home into 3 bedrooms… which hopefully will be able to be used somewhere else to help someone else out.

photo 5

I sold my car, which was a surreal experience…

photo 4
Changing out the plates/owners on the car

And then… I sat down on the floor of the somewhat empty kitchen in a somewhat empty home… and had a good cry. The memories echoed off the walls and flooded that place in the moment… the laughter, the tears, the conversations and the random adventures that graced that place hit me all at once.

photo chair
So many good memories in this kitchen (and this random chair left from Becca)

Thankfully, the next day I was off to do some last bit of travels and to get away from the house-mess to see some dear friends in Lancaster. After a delightful early breakfast with a friend, I caught a ride with another friend to board the Megabus on a particularly rainy and stormy day. I was thankful that I didn’t have to drive and could rest during this time.

photo 3

This time with my friends has been incredibly sweet and rich. The kids have been a special treat as we’ve played and read books together… and as I hear them prepare for bed and say their prayers at night, they echo their thanks that I am here. I too, am thankful to be here and spend this time with all of them.

Playing on the trampoline
Going for a walk…
photo 4
One of the many books we read…

It’s hard to believe that Monica and I have been friends for over 10 years… our lives may look very different but our friendship is still deep. I am so glad to get some time to spend with her and her family before leaving and starting a new chapter in another part of this world.

monica & sara

Cheers! Here’s to friendship… no matter how far we may be from one another.


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