Stuff & things…for memories.

How does one accumulate so much stuff?… I found myself asking that question a lot over the past couple of weeks. This weekend included a big moving day for one of my housemates, whom I will miss dearly. It hit me hard at dinner on Friday that it was our last day in our home together. This home has been such a blessing not only to us over the past 4 years, but to so many others as well. We’ve hosted numerous celebrations, hang-outs, game nights, overnight guests, and meals bringing a couple hundred of people through our home since I moved in 4 years ago. My housemates have changed a few times but the home continued to be a welcome and warm place to gather. For this, I have been so incredibly grateful.

Fun vday celebration Feb. 2011
Fun vday celebration Feb. 2011

And now, it has come to end this season of this gathering place as we host a moving sale and the contents of our home are on display to bless a new home. I didn’t anticipate how overwhelming this process would be as I sorted and organized everything I owned, questioning if I really wanted to store it away or not. I even had some incredible friends who spent their time sorting and organizing things, running errands, and moving stuff… and just allowed me to “be”… even if it meant staring off into space for a moment or two.

Shelby helping us organize stuff for the moving sale
Shelby helping us organize stuff for the moving sale

Tonight I filled out a form to become a resident of Moldova. Since it was written in Romanian (and English), I had my first taste of the language as I filled it out using the proper key provided so I could respond appropriately. It all seems so surreal as I try to take all of this in one day at a time, and yet it’s going so fast… and I don’t want to miss it.

Even though there is so much “stuff” and our time in this home is coming to an end, it doesn’t replace the many memories and relationships that have been part of it. This is the kind of stuff that matters, relationships and people matter – the memories and moments will remain while our lives continue to change.  As I’ve had to clean out some boxes lately, I enjoyed looking back over some of these moments and memories that have been part of this place and season. These moments are the kinds of things I would like to accumulate instead of more “stuff”…

Fun in the rain at the park across the street (2011)
table of friends
Gatherings around the dining room table
Hot pot and farewell party for Becca in 2011
Rachel’s funtastic birthday
A birthday celebration with these lovely ladies

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