Goodbyes… Celebrations… and changes…

The transitions have been consuming this season of life and leaves little time to process and document such changes. All happening appropriately between spring and summer – my most favorite time of seasonal change.

Since then, our dear friend has become a Mrs…

Rachel, Ginger, and I on Ginger's wedding day before she put on her dress.
Rachel, Ginger, and I on Ginger’s wedding day before she put on her dress.

My hair has gone through some changes… over 10 inches has been donated to Locks of Love and I have been enjoying a shorter hairstyle, especially during these warmer days this week.


I’ve had to say some goodbyes to some friends and family…

Beth and I on her last day of her visit to State College…
A visit from this lovely lady, Kadian was a fun surprise
Me and my cousin, Lucas
Me and my cousin, Lucas during his visit from Michigan

Celebrating is one of my favorite things… and I have loved all of the recent celebrations lately!

A night out with some ladies from small group
A special colorful birthday treat for Shelby
Chamber ladies
A great night out to dinner with some lovely ladies from when we worked together at the Chamber
Nelli's Bachlorette Weekend
Bachlorette weekend lunch celebration at Allen Street Grill for Nelli

Photo scavenger hunt
Photo scavenger hunt for Shelby’s birthday [winners!]
There have been so many good things to be part of lately and I haven’t been able to document them all – so many friends, meals,  and memories all caught in the moment. For this I am grateful as the days pass by as I  get closer to departure day… less than 3 weeks now!


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